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Temu Alumni

Para Alumni Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi berada di wisma shahida inn pada tanggal 14-11-2015


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Temu Alumni

Agenda Temu Alumni

Acara mulai pukul 10:00-selesai

Susunan Acara

1. Pembukaan

2.Motivasi/Sucess Story

3.Pembentukan Ketua Iluni Prodi dan peluncuran  database iluni Fakultas

4. Hiburan dan Ramah Tamah

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3rd Seminar on Ecology

Seminar esiwrm

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3rd Seminar on Ecology

3rd Seminar on Ecology, Sanitation and Integrated Water Resources Management (ESIWRM) Towards Asean Economic Community (AEC/MEA)

Syahida Inn, Syarif Hidayatullah
State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta

November 17-18, 2015

syahida inn esiwrm

To support that The Asean Economic Community (AEC/MEA) target , some of the natural resources must be manage good well. Part of the natural resources has been going such as Ecology, sanitation, and water resources management in society – how can we sustainably embed ecology, sanitation,and water resources management in social, economic and renewable energy must be facilitate. Though many efforts have been undertaken and the number of people with access to basic sanitation facilities has risen rapidly especially in east Asia, there is still a lack of proper sanitation and hygiene practice, with approximately 1.8 million children dying each year due to unclean water. Water and sanitation are closely related to other issues, such as poverty, health, education, and gender, where progress is needed to achieve sustainable development. Behavioral change and developing clean and safe sanitation facilities are crucial for maternal and child health.

Based on this background, the Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Jakarta launched the ESIWRM for the Developing Countries in 2015 to cope with sanitation,ecological and eater management issues to  helping developing countries open debates for better on ESIWRM.

All papers for the ESIWRM 2015 will be publish in the International Journal of Ecological, and all papers will be included in the Engineering & Technology Digital Library, and indexed by EBSCO, WorldCat, DOAJ, Google Scholar, Cross ref, ProQuest and sent to be reviewed by EiCompendex and ISI Proceedings.

One Excellent Paper will be selected from each oral session. The Certificate for Excellent Papers will be awarded in the Welcome Banquet on November 18, 2015.