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International Konference on Engeneering

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Faculty of Engineering Syiah Kuala University was founded in 1963. The existence Engineering Faculty in Syiah Kuala University was driven by the needs of skilled manpower in the field of engineering to fill the human resource development in the province of Aceh. Then, with the discovery of natural gas which is abundant in the area of North Aceh district. And now the Faculty of Engineering has been managing 11 study programs consist of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Geophysics, Geology, Industrial Engineering, Mining Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning, and Computer Engineering. FT Unsyiah has vision to be the leading education and research institution that is capable to compete in national and global levels.

As its founding background and vision, the FT Unsyiah is required to play an important role in ASEAN Economic Community Trade Area, particularly to produce qualified graduates who highly honour moral and ethical values. The International Conference on Engineering and Science for Research and Development (ICESReD) is a part of various efforts to achieve this goal. This conference will be carried out biannually by Faculty of Engineering Syiah Kuala University.