Faculty of Science and Technology

Address: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 95 Ciputat 15412,
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Dean: Dr. Agus Salim, M.Sc.
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs: Dr. Elpawati, Ir. MP
Vice Dean for Public Admimistrasi: Dr. Nur Inayah, M.Si
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs: Dr. Sutrisno

Graduates are expected to integrate the exact sciences and technology with the Islamic sciences, which in turn will be able to answer the challenges of the 21st century and compete in the era of globalization through information technology.

Faculty of Science and Technology in the academic year 2003/2004 offering courses:

1. Social Economics of Agriculture / Agribusiness
2. Technical Information
3. Information Systems
4. Mathematics
5. Biology
6. Chemistry
7. Physics

1. Social Studies Program of Agricultural Economics / Agribusiness
Social Studies Program of Agricultural Economics / Agribusiness, aims menyeleng-run movement mengasilkan agribusiness management education bachelor of science-based agriculture that has integrity and pema-haman high theory and methods in the field of agri-business so as to mengana-lysis and solve problems in the field of agribusiness.

The core subjects are given in this study program includes: General Biology, General Chemistry, Introduction to Matema-tika, Basic Biology, Introduction to Agriculture, Basic Climatology, Fundamentals of Agronomy, Soil Science Introduction, Introduction to Nutrition, Fundamentals of Management Micro, Economics, Islamic Business Ethics, Managerial Economics, Introduction to Demography, Business Management Fisheries Management Accounting, Pembia-Yaan Company, Economics of Natural Resources and Environment, Economic Statistics Social Sciences, International Trade, Managerial business administration, Production and Operations Management, Quantitative Methods for Management, Research Methodology and Scientific Penu-verbal, Cooperative Business Management Ranch.

2. Informatics Engineering Program
Informatics Studies program aims to produce a Bachelor of Computer Science with integrity and understanding of the theory and methods in the field of informatics high so as to clicking the analysis and solving various problems in the field of software development and information technology.

The core subjects are given in this study program includes: Introduction to Mathematics, Electronics, Calculus, Rang-clothes Digital, Microprocessor, Introduction to Economics, Management, Object-Oriented Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Application CDS / ISIS, Information Retrieval, Research Methods and Assessing Library , Graphic Design Calligraphy.

3. Studies Program Information System

Studies Program Information System Air-generating purposes Bachelor Information Systems master the concepts of software development and pene-Rapan information technology, control concept and has expertise in engineering design of information systems in a systematic and able to manage and develop an information system that was one of the main needs in an organization or company environment today.

In addition to the subject of Islam, the course study program expertise include: Introduction of Electronic Data Processing (EDP), Concept Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Mana-gement Information Systems, Data Structures, Computer, Database Systems, Operating Systems, Software Engineering , Human-Computer Interaction, Information Systems Analysis and Design of Information Systems.

4. Mathematical Studies Program
Mathematical Studies Program directed to develop mathematics as a discipline that stands alone, in addition, it has also become a center of excellence and the development of mathematics inspired by Islamic values.
Mathematical Studies program is expected to develop the ability profe-sional reliable in the study of mathematics. Professional skills is the ability to put mathematical concepts in the workplace and learning ability in mathematics, ie mastering the material and scientific methodology and amaliah.

The core subjects are given in the study program include: Islamic Studies, English. Arabic, Civic Education, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, General Biology, Elementary Linear Algebra, Statistics Ele-MINISTER, Computer Programming, Introduction to Mathematical Logic and Set, Change Function Complex, Real Analysis, Analytical Geometry, Mathematical Statistics, Differential Equations, Introduction Abstract Algebra, Introduction to the Theory Module, Geometric Transformations, Algorithms, Introduction to Typology, Stochastic Processes and Introduction to Integral Theory and size.

5. Studies Biology
Biology Study Program UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta directed to develop professional capabilities in the study of biological sciences Islamic nuances.

Graduates of this course are expected to develop and provide services to the public about the science of biology that can compete professionally and based on Islamic values.

Courses provided include: Islamic Studies, Arabic, English, Civic Education, Basic Physics, Basic Genetics, Invertebrates, Basic Microbiology, Biochemistry, Radiobiology, Plant Tissue Culture, Economic Botany, Engineering Analysis of Biological Materials, Colloquium, Statistical Methods , Fundamentals of Management, Vegetation Ecology, Animal Ecology, Ethnobotany, Vertebrate Embryology, Population Biology Tum-harbor, Micro Technics, Organic Chemistry, Biology Algae & bryophyte, and Plant Physiology.

6. Studies of Chemistry
Chemistry Study Program UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta aims to develop chemistry as a discipline values ​​stand-alone science is also integrated with Islam. Graduates of this course will be expected to explore and developed the chemical as well as provide services to the public on a professional, qualified, and Islamic morals.

The course is offered this course are: Islamic Studies, Language, Arabic, English, Civic Education, Basic Chemistry, Basic Organic Chemistry, Basic Biology, Statistical Methods, Social Sciences Basic Sciences, Physics, Structure of Organic Compounds, Chemical Kinetics, Analysis Instruments, Environmental Chemistry, Calculus, Medicinal Chemistry, Nutritional Biochemistry, Chemical Process Industry, Chemical Petroleum, Research Methodology, Core Chemistry, Geochemistry, and Principles of Chemical Engineering.

7. Physics Studies Program
Physics Studies Program UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta directed to develop the nuances of Islamic physics in accordance with the era of globalization and technology. Physics Studies Program graduates is expected later to contribute in providing services to the public about the physics integrated with Islamic science and morality.

The course is given in this course include: Islamic Studies, Arabic, English, Civic Education, General Biology, Physics, Chemistry Basics, Electronics, Mechanics, Linear Algebra, Statistical Methods, General Sociology, Computational Physics, Electrical Magnet, Quantum physics, experimental physics, Penda-huluan Solid State Physics, Colloquium, Technology File Neutrons, Calculus, Physics Instrumentation, Per-development History of Science, Modern Physics, Physics, Statistics, Capita Selecta, Modern Optics, Modern Physics and Molecular.