Faculty of Science and Technology are sending the Lecturers Professional Development Certification Program  by Multimatics last 22 August – 9 September 2016 to the Lecturers of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta and Training Certification Programs attended by:

  1. Asep Taufik Muharram participant of FORESEC: FCNS
  2. Ade Chandra participant of COMPTIA: Project+
  3. Aries Susanto participant of PASAS: CIBIA
  4. Edo Abdullah Faqih participant of PASAS: CIBIA
  5. Nurbojatmiko participant of PASAS: CIBIA
  6. Syopiansyah Jaya Putra participant of PASAS: CIBIA
  7. Nida’ul Hasanati participant of PASAS: CIBIA/CIBIP
  8. Nur Aeni Hidayah participant of PASAS: CIBIP
  9. Eri Rustamaji participant of MTA: DAF
  10. Muhammad Yusuf  participant of ACA: PHOTOSHOP
  11. Mahbubul Wahtoni participant of ACA: PHOTOSHOP
  12. Deny Saputra participant of QUINT: CITSM
  13. Viva Arifin participant of QUINT: CITSM
  14. Purwohandoyo participant of QUINT: CITSM
  15. A. Hanifa Setianingrum participant of QUINT: CRM
  16. Nurhayati participant of QUINT: CRM
  17. Luh Kesuma Wardhani participant of QUINT: CRM

All participants passed the certification exams for these programs that they have taken and received the certificates.

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