A. Miracast Mirroring (available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10)

  1. Press the short key “Win+P” on your keyboard.
  2. Select “Connect to a wireless display”.
  3. Select AnyCast SSID to connect.

B. Koneksi Anycast ke iOS/MacOS Mirror

  1. Connect iOS/macOS device to AnyCast SSID via wifi
  2. Turn on Screen mirroring/Airplay mirroring and tap AnyCast dongle
  3. iOS/macOS device screen will mirror to the TV

Untuk Windows yang tidak Support Anycast Silakan Download Aplikasi EZMira App

Please Scan the QR code on screen to download App for quick connection and setup for iOS and Android devices.

IMPORTANT! The new AnyCast products are supported by EZMira. If you plug your dongle and find out the barcode on the home menu doesn’t link to EZMira, then it means that your dongle does not yet support EZMira. 

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