Find Educational Programs at the FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

There are many study program options that you can choose at the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Through the study program we offer you can achieve your first degree. We offer 8 undergraduate (S1) programs and 1 master's program (S2), namely:

No Study program Jenjang Keunggulan Program Keilmuan
1 Agribusiness S1 Agribisnis Perkotaan berbasis Syariah
2 Informatics Engineering S1 Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems development (intelligent system)
3 Information Systems S1 Digital Transformation and Innovation, Information Technology and Management, dan Information Processing
4 Mathematics S1 Data Science, Actuarial, and Applied Mathematics (modeling).
5 Physics S1 Geophysics: interpretation of subsurface and seismicity
6 Chemistry S1 Food: halal and functional, energy and catalysts, environment and bioinformatics
7 Biology S1 Biotechnology, Sustainable Ecology, Animal and Plant (Conservation and Biodiversity )
8 Mining Engineering S1 Tambang Explorasi: Exploration Technology, Mine Environment, Mineral and Coal Economy, Mining Geotechnical and Hydrology, Mineral and Coal Processing and Refining, Mine Planning, Mine Safety, Blasting dan Construction
9 Master in Agribusiness S2 Halal Agribusiness Management: preparation of halal raw materials for the processing industry (Food, Cosmetics, Herbal Medicine).

For this scientific development, it has been equipped with various supporting facilities and infrastructure such as the establishment of an Innovation Center, Integrated Laboratory Center, Agribusiness Innovation Center (PIA), Sustainable Center, PUSTIPANDA, Agribusiness Experimental Garden, P3JPH (Halal Center) and other scientific development centers which is relevant.

After you have determined your choice of educational level, either a bachelor's or master's program that suits your learning interests and career plans, now is the time for you to register and take part in the selection for new student admissions at the Faculty of Science and Technology, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Each level of education and specific study program may apply different admission procedures and requirements. Check out the information via one of the link buttons provided below.



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